Touchmark Retirement Communities
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Flood Planning

April 1, 2019 - 2 pm CST

Late last week, we participated in two update meetings:

1. Thursday, March 28, we held our first informational flood meeting with residents and interested family members. Building Services Director CJ Sahr shared the current probable forecast for the river height and potential for flooding, which is looking less dire. He also discussed the efforts and precautions we’re taking to protect the main building and surrounding cottage homes. While the local outlook is optimistic, he did emphasize the need to have a plan in place to care for residents and the campus as a whole.

Executive Director Kari Dick discussed the plans for keeping individuals safe. The first step is getting information about residents’ plans if an evacuation is needed. Forms have been distributed to all mailboxes for residents living in independent living neighborhoods and through Health Services for residents receiving assisted living and memory care services. The forms ask what each individual would do in the event of an evacuation:

  • Come with Touchmark
  • Go with their family
  • Evacuate on their own

Receiving this information will assist Touchmark in planning for evacuation sites and transportation needs. Kari assured the group that we don’t expect to be evacuated but need to be ready as a precaution.

2. On Friday, March 29, Cass Public Health held its first meeting to discuss flood preparations and emergency planning. The meeting opened with the updated flood forecast (see link below), which has downgraded the percentages of major flooding. As a precaution—and training tool—the group discussed emergency preparedness and the actions that should be taken in the event of widespread flooding. These include evacuation tags, updated databases, emergency services, shelters, and transportation. Officials reinforced the need to be prepared for an emergency.

Current flood conditions.